Dedicated to J.C. and the bees.


Thanks to all our patrons for helping us to make “Thee Bees” in the premier issue of

WASP -vs- KILLER BEES a reality. Our sincere gratitude goes out to each of you!

Davey Bowling

Zach and Tricia Horn

Joanne “JBee” Hendy

Brian, Bridget and Baby “B” Bean Bowling

Doug, Patty, Ashlee and Lauren Biehl

Christopher Walters

Darren and Krista Mueller (Ringtail Cafe Productions)

Daniel and Teri Hendy

Sam and Lauren Elizabeth Reinertsen and sweetiepie Claire

Jim and Jody Davis

Dan and Sherry Davis

Dave “GOM” Lindemann and Beekeeper Edna Lindemann

Mary Kaeser

Lindsey Trusler Dietrich

Sandy Poole and Family

Estelle Davis (we love our moms and dads)

Tracy Coon

Ron and Reyne Davis

The Polychroniou Family and BaBEE Alexandra TOO!

Jessica Hendy and Beckett (L. General’s sweetie)

Dylan and Kara Hendy and little sweetie’s Lena and the new b.b.

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...and to...

Our Lady of Aparecida (Patroness of Brazil)

St. Bernard of Clairvaux (Patron of beekeepers)