Thee Bee Attitudes

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bee cool even if your temp gets hot

bee cool stand tall and laugh a lot

bee cool hang loose and let it go

bee cool have Spirit and feel it glow

beelieve in yourself follow your dreams

beelieve in your hopes even if impossible it seems

beelieve in those you love and give them a nod

beelieve in miracles they are graces from God

kindness is a joyful gift

kindness never fails to lift

kindness from within our hearts

kindness is an Almighty art

to bee brave is really courageous you know

to bee brave in the light of yourself friend or foe

to bee brave is neither hard nor easy its true

to bee brave having faith in Jesus we can do

beehave my parents would say to me

beehave i said to my children you see

beehave and polite and stay on par

beehave keep straight and reach for the Star

bee loving have heart and make it sincere

bee loving have heart without any fear

bee loving have heart to strangers and dears

bee loving have heart Love made perfect is here

bee true to yourself know who you are

bee true to your neighbor and you will go far

bee true to your spouse and forever have love

bee true to God and receive all gifts from above

bee honest it is the right thing to do

bee honest for a lie really turns to two

bee honest tell the truth and do not steal

bee honest like Christ and keep it real

bee good use your judgement do what is right

bee good use your talents to share the light

bee good use your hands and take time to rest

bee good thank the Lord and you will be blessed