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THEE BEES are a fantastical group of super-amazing comic book heroes starring in “WASP vs KILLER BEES”, a funny new comic book series for kids and brought to you by Beeswax News.

Bee True


Join us and the original characters from Episode I and the new ones from Episode II, including...

Jaybee and Maybee, Jimmy Jetz and Jody Jetz, Queen Elizebeeth, Oliver, Jack and Luke, and the Dragonflies–Harley and David!  There are more humans to meet too, but instead of strange, they are heavenly...Grumps, Edna, Evelyn, Zoe and Robb!  Of course, there are our old favorites also, like the monkeys, including Peter, and our narrator, Youcan Toucan! 

And how can you help? If you see a bee let it be, eat lots of honey, and say a little prayer.

Meet the STRANGE HUMANS.  There is diabolical scientist, Dr. Yuc, his nitwit side kick, I. B. Wong and Wong’s auntie, L. General, the leader of the Coalition of the Restless Underdogs (CRUD).  They plan on taking over the world with the help of their newly created super-powered army of hyper Killer Bees...and by giving away Bazillions of Dollars (of CRUD $).

Episode I: Bee Ready Or Not

Episode II: Here Come Thee Bees

Thee Bees adventures begin by taking you right smack into the deep dark rainforest of Brazil to Dr. Yuc’s experimental laboratory...

The KILLER BEES are extraordinary super-powered Killer Bees who have been transmogrifed in Dr. Yuc’s laboratory.  Led by Bee Bee Stinger, the Killer Bees managed to escape the control of the Strange Humans and now have world takeover plans of their own.  King Stinger’s best buzzing buddies are Dolly Beeutiful, A.B. See Bee and the Bee 1 Bombers. 

The SWEET HONEY BEES are the heroes of our story.  Their great leader,Queen Beeatrice, depends on Lady Glory Bee and Royal Good Knight, Johnny Bee Good to preserve the hive.  These bees represent Thee Bees who simply want to live in peace and make honey and pollinate plants so all the winged and walking creatures of the earth can be happy.

The RUMBLE BUMBLE BEES were once the baddest bees in the rain forest. The leader of the pack is tough bee, Mumbles Bee Bad.  He is highly guarded by his left-hand bee, K. G. Bee, and and right-hand bee, F. Bee Eye.  Their hang-out is the coolest place in the rainforest, the Bee Jive Club.  Since the arrival of the Killer Bees, they are in a sticky situation.

So now our story takes off.  Rather than be controlled by the Strange Humans or the Killer Bees, THEE BEES must find a way to preserve their freedom.  In order to protect the winged and walking creatures of the deep dark rainforest--and ultimately us mortal humans--they must form WASP, the Winged Allies of Stinging Power, and save the world!

Bee Brave