Episode I:

“Bee Ready Or Not”


Episode II:

“Here Come Thee Bees”

In a top secret experimental laboratory located far back in the deep dark rainforest of Brazil, the twisted sinister mind of Dr. Yuc and his sometime trustworthy assistant, I.B. Wong, were on the brink of concluding their awfully awesome research project, when suddenly...

So beegins a brand new series of comic books  by HeBo featuring Thee Bees.

Created and Written by

David Louis Bowling and

Patricia Hendy Bowling


Illustrated by

Diane Johnson

Bee Brave!

Join us as we take you to a mysterious place populated by the Strange Humans who are set on taking over the world with their ominous army of super-powered Killer Bees. The only hope for the rest of the winged and walking creatures of the earth lies in the hands of the Honey Bees and the swarm called WASP – the Winged Allies of Stinging Power.